Design Options

Premade Book Covers

Bargain Basement Premade Book Covers

Some stock images make good book covers just by themselves so little work is needed to making them into great book covers. Most bargain book covers use only one stock image and have minimal Photoshop work to them.

Just because these book covers are at a bargain, it doesn’t mean no design thought is put into them. There’s still an art to finding the right crop of an image to make the cover look interesting and balanced. Adding the typography and styles is oftentimes an art form in itself.

Premium Premade Book Covers

Premium premade book covers have a lot more design work put into them. They often require advanced photomanipulations and are made up of 2 or more stock images. With a premium premade book cover, you will get a unique design composition.

Custom Book Cover Design

BASIC Custom eBook Cover Design

This design option is for those with smaller budgets and/or simpler book covers designs. There are some limitations to this option. Only one stock image is used in the design and you choose the stock image yourself from the stock website I currently have a subscription with. To see which stock website I’m currently subscribed with, go here. This option includes minimal Photostop work. If you want more complex photoshop transformations of the cover (like changing hair color, combining stock images, etc) then the PREMIUM option would be required.

PREMIUM Custom eBook Cover Design

This design option is for those with bigger budgets and/or more complex book cover designs. You tell me what you want. I will choose 1 or more stock images to use in the design. If you prefer to choose your own images, you can do that too. There is no limit to the amount of stock images that can be used. Includes advanced Photoshop work.