Showcase Spotlight: Snowed In on Valentine’s Day by Alana Highbury

Showcase Spotlight: Snowed In on Valentine’s Day by Alana Highbury

Snowed In on Valentine’s Day is a holiday romance book by Alana Highbury.


From Alana Highbury, Amazon bestselling author, comes a slow burn Valentine’s romance in a snowy small town.

It was hate at first sight.

After a run-in with the rude best man, Peter, at her best friend’s wedding and a subsequent meltdown on New Year’s Eve, Hazel is ready to make major changes. Realizing she’s a serial dater, she vows to take a break from dating and focus on reinventing herself in her career—and putting down roots for once in her life.

But when the jerk from the wedding moves in next door, Hazel can’t believe her bad luck. She does her best to avoid Peter, until a massive blizzard forces her to take shelter at his house. The icy tension between them starts to thaw as they get to know each other, but when they’re still snowed in four days later—on Valentine’s Day—tempers flare as passions rise.

Confused and unsettled, Hazel has no idea what to do with her conflicting feelings, and avoiding him doesn’t seem to be an option.

Can she find love with this enigmatic man amid the winter storm brewing within and between them?

This is a sweet romance without explicit scenes, but it contains some profanity and adult themes.

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Snowed In on Valentine's Day by Alana Highbury

Title: Snowed In on Valentine’s Day

Author: Alana Highbury

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

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