Showcase Spotlight: Secrets a Captain Keeps by Teah Kemp Weight

Showcase Spotlight: Secrets a Captain Keeps by Teah Kemp Weight

Secrets a Captain Keeps is a regency historical romance by Teah Kemp Weight. It’s the fourth book in the Merry Men of Eton series. Available in ebook and paperback.


She hates most men, he happens to be one.

Miss Eliza Bawden is determined to be a spinster, which should be easy since most men are selfish, dismissive imbeciles. But when she crosses paths, and wits, with the inconveniently handsome Captain Fredrick Marshall, she’s left to wonder if all her assumptions about the male species are correct.

Twelve years in the Royal Navy should be a badge of honor for Fredrick Marshall, but with the atrocities he’s witnessed still haunting him, the navy is the last thing he wants associated with his name. The only good to come of his service is also the reason he’s hiding from most of Society. Except, he cannot seem to hide from his brash new neighbor—not even in his dreams.

When attraction tugs at them like tides of the ocean, Eliza and Fredrick must make a choice, pull together or fall apart. Can two independent souls find a safe haven in each other as they battle not only their own preconceived notions, but the forces that seem determined to eliminate the captain’s precious secret?

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Title: Secrets a Captain Keeps

Author: Teah Kemp Weight

Genre: Historical Romance

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