Showcase Spotlight: Wicked William by Brill Harper

Showcase Spotlight: Wicked William by Brill Harper

Wicked William is a new adult contemporary romance book by Brill Harper. It’s the third book in the Dukes of Tempest series.


As the middle brother of the notorious Duke family, my reputation for trouble knows no bounds. It takes all my concentration, all my time, to stay in control of my baser instincts. I need order and routine. I hate surprises.

Everyone thinks I’m the nice one. If women knew the beast I harbor inside, they’d turn and run.

And then a kaleidoscope of mischief and curves knocks on my front door. She says she’s a psychic and her vision brought her across the country to save me. She says she’s a kitchen witch. She says a lot of things that don’t make sense to a man who doesn’t believe in visions and magic.

She’s nothing but chaos. If I let her, she’ll break me open. Everything I’ve repressed, stuffed down, boxed up…she’s going to unleash it all, undoing all my careful control.

I have my own kind of visions…about her. Fantasies that are dark and twisted. My little psychic should have seen me coming.

Author Confession: William was the hardest brother to write because I thought he was just a basic, nice guy saddled with the Duke brother reputation. Turns out he’s one HUGE surprise. This guy made me blush writing him. He’s every feral, primal dream you ever had in nice guy’s clothing.

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Wicked William by Brill Harper

Title: Wicked William

Author: Brill Harper

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

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