Showcase Spotlight: Beyond Broken Promises by Sheryl McTaggart

Showcase Spotlight: Beyond Broken Promises by Sheryl McTaggart

Beyond Broken Promises is an American historical romance by Sheryl McTaggart.


Rachael Martin had loved Clayton Danford forever and had promised him she would wait for him as he went off to war. Her world falls apart when she receives news of his death and she marries another a mere three months later. Now eight long years later, after the death of her husband, a cruel twist of fate forces her and her children into the hands of Clayton.
The one man who despises her.

Clayton Danford is obligated to return to his childhood home after the death of his brother and to take guardianship of his niece and nephew. The only problem is against his will, he finds himself longing again for Rachael, his brother’s widow.

As their wills clash, their passions reignite they must now decide if they can move past their anger, past their hurt and Past Broken Promises.

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Beyond Broken Promises by Sheryl McTaggart

Title: Beyond Broken Promises

Author: Sheryl McTaggart

Genre: American Historical Romance

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