Showcase Spotlight: Dirty Dillon by Brill Harper

Showcase Spotlight: Dirty Dillon by Brill Harper

Dirty Dillon is a new adult contemporary romance book by Brill Harper. It’s the second book in the Dukes of Tempest series.


The day the mayor’s daughter, spoiled brat Cressida Hamilton, finds herself stranded at my garage, everything changes for both of us. Cut off from her family’s fortune, she’s got no money, no options, no wheels, but plenty of sassy attitude.

The kind of sass that men like me crave.

We strike a deal. She’ll work for me as my receptionist for one week and I’ll fix her car–as long as she follows all my rules.

I’ll give her the guidance she craves and the discipline she needs. And I’ll enjoy every minute of it. There’s more to Cressida than even she knows, and I’m going to be the one to help her find it.

Cressida wants to be tamed and claimed by a rough mechanic–me. And my girl gets everything she wants.

Author Confession: Dillon talks a big game, but he also lavishes our girl with PRAISE when taking her to hand. If that’s your thing, and I think it is, you’re going to want your own rough mechanic too.

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Dirty Dillon by Brill Harper

Title: Dirty Dillon

Author: Brill Harper

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

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