Showcase Spotlight: Bully Romance Box Set by Suzana Thompson

Showcase Spotlight: Bully Romance Box Set by Suzana Thompson

Bully Romance Box Set is a set of two young adult, contemporary romance books by Suzana Thompson.


They are so good at being bad.

My enemy had seen me naked. He was holding the proof right before my eyes, and my stomach lurched sickeningly.

“Seems like you had too much to drink last night,” he remarked in that condescending tone he always used with me.

I looked up at him as he stood watching me from the doorway with his attitude of superiority. In that moment of weakness, I actually tried to plead with him. “Please. I’ve never done anything to you.”

“Begging me on your knees. That’s a good start.”

Dread turned my clammy skin cold. Mason Sumner hated my guts, and he would have no compassion for me. This was bad. This was really, really bad.

Asher Stone before: tormented, soulful, and intriguing

Asher Stone after: angry, spiteful, and cruel

I fell for him before we met, but I made a mistake he won’t forgive. Asher Stone thinks he can bully me, but he doesn’t know me. The girl he wrote those letters to is gone. I’m not the girl he wanted, but he won’t leave me alone

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Bully Romance Box Set by Suzana Thompson

Title: Bully Romance Box Set

Author: Suzana Thompson

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance

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