Showcase Spotlight: His Choice of a Wife by Heather Moll

Showcase Spotlight: His Choice of a Wife by Heather Moll

His Choice of a Wife by Heather Moll is a variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.


A disastrous proposal. A fresh start. Can this tentative duo forgive the past and make each other promises of forever?

Elizabeth Bennet worries she’s been too hasty. Distressed after reading her rejected suitor’s passionate letter of self-defense, the agitated young woman agonizes that she’s put a scoundrel on a pedestal and scorned a worthy man. And when they meet again during an unexpected morning call, her heart pounds with a wave of relief when he quickly accepts her clever apology.

Fitzwilliam Darcy regrets his quick judgments. So after a shockingly cordial exchange renews his hopes, the gentleman strikes up a cautious friendship with the object of his affections. But though the woman he adores seems willing to grant him a second chance, he fears her kin’s reckless behavior could still smear his reputation.

Confused by her father’s disapproval of her prospective match, Elizabeth’s dreams turn to dismay when a corrupt soldier tempts her sister into a scandal. And as Darcy does his best to protect his beloved’s family, honor demands he put his life on the line.

As a tentative friendship blooms into romance, can this proud gentleman and witty lady overcome a life-threatening crisis?

This is a 105,000 word second edition of His Choice of a Wife, a slightly steamy Regency romance.

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His Choice of a Wife by Heather Moll

Title: His Choice of a Wife

Author: Heather Moll

Genre: Historical Romance

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