Showcase Spotlight: Mightier Than The Sword 1-3 by Ann Hawthorne

Showcase Spotlight: Mightier Than The Sword 1-3 by Ann Hawthorne

Mightier Than The Sword 1-3 is clean regency romance box set by Ann Hawthorne.


Enjoy these warm, short-but-sweet Regency romance novels – and one bonus short story to go with them!

A lowborn authoress had been given the ultimate honour of serving at the royal court, but its vapid and vicious atmosphere is suffocating her. Her only ally is a seemingly irresponsible young nobleman who might just help her escape…

When the poetess‘ family still had its ambitions, she and the only son of the local landowner were best childhood friends. But adulthood had shattered their illusions, if in very different ways. Now, years later, the young woman is back in Somerset, a guest in her former friend’s house. Will they both use this second chance?

Isabella is a Gothic novelist secretly publishing her imaginative tales under a foreign pen name. When she is arranged to marry a Scottish nobleman, she is plunged into the life of a taciturn older man. He is a decent and upstanding landowner, but one who is harbouring dangerous secrets…

Last but not least, A Lady and a Publisher is a sweet prequel short story featuring a pragmatic London printer and a genteel widow who needs his help.

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Mightier Than The Sword 1-3: Clean Regency Romance Box Set by Ann Hawthorne

Title: Mightier Than The Sword 1-3 Boxset

Author: Ann Hawthorne

Genre: Historical Romance

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