Showcase Spotlight: Secrets of Fallow Hall by Teah Kemp Weight

Showcase Spotlight: Secrets of Fallow Hall by Teah Kemp Weight

Secrets of Fallow Hall is a regency historical romance by Teah Kemp Weight. It’s the third book in the Merry Men of Eton series. Available in ebook and paperback.


She’s a damsel in distress, but he’s no hero.

With his brother’s sudden death, Bradley Lenning has inherited a burden no man can carry, at least not one who sees himself as the comedic relief in everyone else’s lives. Left with an estate steeped in debt, a name connected to scandal, and a family full of women under his care, he sees no way out of his current troubles that does not require a complete sacrifice of everything he’s ever wanted—including the enchanting Miss Diana Cattering.

Controlled by a despicable uncle and an abusive cousin, Diana Cattering’s only hope for freedom lies in an unexpected exile. But even freedom requires a cost as Diana is forbidden from contacting both the mother she’s been separated from for the past four years and the man she’s swiftly coming to love—a daunting task when she finds herself two miles from his country home. Then again, what her oppressors don’t know can’t come back to haunt her…or can it?

Pulled into a quest for Diana’s freedom, will Bradley be able to find his own before she walks away with his heart?

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Secrets of Fallow Hall by Teah Kemp Weight

Title: Secrets of Fallow Hall

Author: Teah Kemp Weight

Genre: Historical Romance

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