Showcase Spotlight: Impossibly Yours by Josephine Skylar

Showcase Spotlight: Impossibly Yours by Josephine Skylar

Impossibly Yours is a contemporary romance book by Josephine Skylar.


How could two people so different fall so hard?

Jack Weiss and Laura Williams are at home in completely different worlds. He’s a computer wizard uncomfortable in a gym; she’s a personal trainer who’s never thought of herself as smart. He’s a stony-faced introvert and she’s happiest working with clients. His family’s conservative Jewish; hers is laid-back Lutheran. He can’t stand sports (any sports) and she’s devoted to Southwestern Ohio University, her alma mater (and employer), and its Division I athletic teams. They have absolutely nothing in common…

…except for the realization that his wife and her fiancé are having an affair.

Once Laura throws away her engagement ring and starts rebuilding her life, she thinks she’s never going to see Jack again. Even though now they do have something in common—he may be the only person who understands how badly she was hurt, and vice versa.

But then Jack does re-enter Laura’s life, first as a client and then, unexpectedly, as a friend. The more they talk, the more their connection deepens, and a mutual attraction grows. But Laura can’t afford to have her heart broken again so soon. And surely that’s all that can result from falling for Jack. Anything else looks impossible…

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Impossibly Yours by Josephine Skylar

Title: Impossibly Yours

Author: Josephine Skylar

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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