Showcase Spotlight: The Tuesday Girl by Tanya Eby

Showcase Spotlight: The Tuesday Girl by Tanya Eby

The Tuesday Girl is a memoir by Tanya Eby. Available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook.


Even in your late 40s, you can still find a happily-ever-after, just maybe not the way you’ve read about in books.

THE TUESDAY GIRL follows the author’s three-year journey of self-discovery while she heals from past relationships, figures out what she wants, and moves on with her life, creating something bold and beautiful along the way.

Tanya Eby is a narrator and has performed over 1,100 audiobooks over her two-decade career. Half of her narrations have been of romance novels. You’d think with narrating all these romance titles, she’d have some deeper insight into romantic relationships. Yeah. Not so much.

In 2020, while the world is in lockdown, the author is starting over. Again. She leaves marriage number two and vows that she’s going to live a healthy and authentic life.

Told primarily through conversations, THE TUESDAY GIRL is raw, witty, emotional, and ultimately inspirational. Tanya takes the reader on intimate dates, walks with friends, and conversations with people in her life. She falls in love with someone who she is certain is different from anyone she’s ever met, only to discover that he is a conman. Through it all, she relies on her friend Erin and learns that romance isn’t something that just happens in books: it’s something that runs throughout your own life.

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The Tuesday Girl: A Memoir by Tanya Eby

Title: The Tuesday Girl

Author: Tanya Eby

Genre: Memoir

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