Showcase Spotlight: The Candy Cane Kiss by Maggie Dallen

Showcase Spotlight: The Candy Cane Kiss by Maggie Dallen

The Candy Cane Kiss is a young adult romance by Maggie Dallen. This is the sixth book in the Briarwood High series.


When Briarwood High’s star athlete winds up in the hospital over Christmas break, he’s sure that’s as bad as it can get. But that’s before he meets Lola…

The irritating new girl, Lola? She’s volunteering as a candy striper on his floor. As if it’s not bad enough that he’s forced to interact with the painfully cheerful holly-jolly Christmas elf, he makes things a million times worse by kissing her to make his ex jealous.

In his defense, Lola was the only girl in the vicinity. But this argument… It does not go over well with Lola.

One thing’s clear. He couldn’t have chosen a worse fake girlfriend if he’d tried. But while he needs her to play along, it turns she could use his help, too. So this Christmas, they’re gonna have to call a truce if they mean to get what they want…

Especially if what they want is each other.

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The Candy Cane Kiss by Maggie Dallen

Title: The Candy Cane Kiss

Author: Maggie Dallen

Genre: Young Adult Romance

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