Showcase Spotlight: Making Love by Niobia Bryant

Showcase Spotlight: Making Love by Niobia Bryant

Making Love is a African-American contemporary romance book by Niobia Bryant. It’s the second book in the Ballinger Sisters series.


In this next “sexy, funny and oh so real” installment of the Ballinger Sisters trilogy, national bestselling author Niobia Bryant finally tells the story of just which Ballinger sister is the soulmate of sexy playboy Hunter Tyler…

Reeba Ballinger is a talented baker, dedicated business owner, and descendant of generations of Ballinger women who have the gift of premonition to see the soulmate of anyone they touch—a special gift she reveres. She has found the love of her life and is prepared to marry him…until she discovers that she has gotten it all wrong because her soulmate is none other than the arrogant, cardiothoracic surgeon-to-be, Hunter Tyler—who is admittedly handsome and intelligent—but just very aware of it in the most aggravating way!

Although Hunter has made it his business to outlandishly flirt with all three of the beautiful Ballinger women, it was always Reeba that truly made him feel excited whenever they were around each other. With his older brother now married to her older sister, that’s very often. He’s focused on building his career as a surgeon, but Hunter is intrigued by the very idea of Reeba being “the one” for him. He approaches her about putting aside their differences and exploring the possibilities… together.

After dating and stumbling through many rough patches, a visit to the aunts of the Ballinger sisters enables Hunter and Reeba to see a vision of their future together—a future filled with love, children, and happiness. They decide to wed, but the years that follow are anything but bliss, leaving both to wonder just when they will get to the good part.

The Ballinger sisters have a magical touch with love in this “sexy, funny & oh so real” romance trilogy…
Book 1: Want, Need, Love
Book 2: Making Love
Book 3: Good Love

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Making Love by Niobia Bryant

Title: Making Love

Author: Niobia Bryant

Genre: African-American Contemporary Romance

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