Showcase Spotlight: A Poetess and an Heir by Ann Hawthorne

Showcase Spotlight: A Poetess and an Heir by Ann Hawthorne

A Poetess and an Heir is a historical romance by Ann Hawthorne. It’s the second book in the Mightier Than The Sword Trilogy.


A heroine seeking inspiration. A hero seeking wilderness. A summer in a secluded estate…

Felicity Deacon’s darkly passionate poetry is known in the bookshops of London and the withdrawing rooms of noblewomen… until a mysterious tragedy robs her of any will to write. She accepts the invitation of a wealthy squire’s widow, hoping the quiet summer away from the town will help her recuperate. However, the name of the country house is known to her – the place now belongs to a childhood friend who broke her heart…

Edmund Winters’ life has been laid out for him by his ambitious father: he had to do whatever it takes to get away from his trade-bound roots and prove himself every inch a gentleman. If that requires marrying the haughty daughter of a local grandee, a loveless match is a small price to pay for acceptance by the ton. His youthful rebellion long forgotten, he is now planning to carry his late father’s plans out. However, these are thrown into disarray when the living, breathing, and captivatingly beautiful reminder of that youthful rebellion arrives in Morwood Hall at his stepmother’s invitation…

However dutiful and strait-laced Edmund is trying to be, he cannot quite get away from his true feelings. However, he doesn’t know that Felicity is harbouring a dark secret…

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A Poetess and an Heir by Ann Hawthorne

Title: A Poetess and an Heir

Author: Ann Hawthorne

Genre: Historical Romance

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