Showcase Spotlight: Schooling Lucy by Elta Sau

Showcase Spotlight: Schooling Lucy by Elta Sau

Schooling Lucy is a contemporary romance book by Elta Sau.


Roman Drake

The moment eighteen-year-old Lucy Thomas steps into my classroom, I’m obsessed. I don’t care that she’s my student or that I’ve become friends with her father. She’s mine.

Lucy Thomas

I cannot stop fantasizing about my new chemistry teacher. Surely, I’m imagining the heated looks he keeps giving me? There’s no way he would want an inexperienced eighteen-year-old high school student. Right?

** This is a teacher/student, age-gap (obviously), insta-love romance. All characters are of legal age. The bedroom scenes are very detailed and spicy and feature a lot of…bodily fluids and crevice licking. Please read at your discretion. **

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Schooling Lucy by Elta Sau

Title: Schooling Lucy

Author: Elta Sau

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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