Showcase Spotlight: Kids In Caskets by Carol Bengle Gilbert

Showcase Spotlight: Kids In Caskets by Carol Bengle Gilbert

Kids In Caskets is a non-fiction book by Carol Bengle Gilbert.


In the single month of January 2023, a typical month in which no large venue shootings resulted in multiple children dying, 150 American children were killed with guns. Eight of them died on New Year’s Day, the same number felled by bullets in Ukraine, an active war zone, for the period January 1 to January 29. What’s wrong, America? Why are American grown-ups derelict in fulfilling our most fundamental responsibilty to the country’s children, keeping them safe? All prior generations have managed to uphold this sacred obligation. Why won’t we?

What are you willing to do to protect the 1,050 more kids who will die from gunshots by year’s end if we all don’t step up?

This book is a 2-in-1 presentation. On the left-hand pages, you’ll find a realistic fiction story written in the style of a children’s easy reader. Its simplicity exposes the most important truth there is about gun violence against children, that our collective response to children dying of gunshots has been absurdly ineffective. The right-hand pages tell the non-fiction stories of each American child dead of a gunshot in the single month January 2023: to the extent public reporting is available, it describes who they were, how they died, and the dreams of futures that went to the graveyard with them.

50% of the net profits from the sales of this book are donated to individuals suffering the effects of a child’s gun death or organizations providing direct aid to families shattered by a child gun death or working to prevent such deaths.

Note to readers: the subject of the nonfiction story in this book is child gun deaths. It draws from public reporting concerning real children who died. It contains, on page 70, a photograph sourced from a medical journal showing what a single gunshot wound to the face looks like.

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Kids In Caskets by Carol Bengle Gilbert

Title: Kids In Caskets

Author: CM Neff

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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