Showcase Spotlight: Her Owner’s Manual by Sora James

Showcase Spotlight: Her Owner’s Manual by Sora James

Her Owner’s Manual is a contemporary romance book by Sora James.


They say you can’t always lose. They lie.

Mayte Forta is a nerd. Orphaned at fourteen, she is well acquainted with loss. She lost her grandmother to never-ending grief and lost touch with her two best friends years ago as they all moved on with their adult lives. While she misses them, things seem to improve when she moves from her native Barcelona to Madrid for an exciting new job. It doesn’t last.

When Mayte loses that job, she is devastated, but Saul Bofill, her replacement, opens the door to romance, giving her trampled self-confidence a boost. Then her catty but gorgeous ex-boss sets her sights on him, and a lifetime of loss and loneliness finally catches up with Mayte. Writing in her journal is no longer enough and she reaches out to her friends for help.

Can Mayte restore her faith in herself before she slides into despair?

Her Owner’s Manual is the first book of Sora James’ Manual series. If you are into stories that celebrate the power of sisterhood, love, and believing in yourself over adversity, you’ll love this page-turning series.

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Her Owner's Manual by Sora James

Title: Her Owner’s Manual

Author: Sora James

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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