Showcase Spotlight: Knot Bonded by Gwen Jody

Showcase Spotlight: Knot Bonded by Gwen Jody

Knot Bonded is a steamy romance reverse harem book by Gwen Jody. It’s the first book in the Unbonded Omegas series.


I’m hidden in plain sight, an omega everyone thinks is a beta.

I’ve tried to be positive about it, but the truth is, I want a pack. With all my heart.

Then he walked through my door, and everything changed.

But not everyone in his pack is on board. There are secrets between us, memories from the past. Hidden desires.

Maybe it was better to be invisible.

Featuring broody alphas, a strong omega, fated mates, knotty fun, and second chances. If you like a quick read with a lot of steam and low angst, this book is for you.

Knot Bonded is a sweet and spicy, M/F reverse harem Omegaverse standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Knot Bonded by Gwen Jody

Title: Knot Bonded

Author: Gwen Jody

Genre: Steamy Romance

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