Showcase Spotlight: A Display of Deception by Brook Peterson

Showcase Spotlight: A Display of Deception by Brook Peterson

A Display of Deception is a cozy mystery book by Brook Peterson. It’s the third book in the Jericho Falls Cozy Mystery series.


The cozy facade of Jericho Falls hides a deadly mystery.

In the charming tourist town of Jericho Falls, everyone knows each other’s business. But when a member of the Poison Pen Book Club suddenly goes missing, nobody seems to know anything. Frustrated by the lack of urgency from Police Chief Garner, amateur sleuth Chloe Martin takes it upon herself to investigate, uncovering the town’s secrets and hidden past.

But things get even more complicated when someone new arrives in town. Everyone else seems to love them, but they’re making life miserable for Chloe. Can she solve the missing person case while juggling her personal life and dealing with the new resident’s antics? Or will the pressure become too much?

With unexpected twists and turns in every chapter, A Display of Deception is a gripping cozy mystery that will keep readers guessing until the very end. If you enjoy mysteries set in small towns, with charming sidekick pets and a touch of romance, the Jericho Falls Cozy Mysteries are perfect for you.

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A Display of Deception by Brook Peterson

Title: A Display of Deception

Author: Brook Peterson

Genre: Cozy Mystery

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