Showcase Spotlight: Secrets of an Earl's Heart by Teah Kemp Weight

Showcase Spotlight: Secrets of an Earl’s Heart by Teah Kemp Weight

Secrets of an Earl’s Heart is a regency historical romance by Teah Kemp Weight. It’s the second book in the Merry Men of Eton series. Available in ebook and paperback.


Four wounded hearts. Two meddling parents. One chance to fix what never should have been torn apart.

The last thing Nicholas Fairchild expected was to step into his grandfather’s place as Earl of Penbrose, a title he thought belonged to his uncle. Still adjusting to his new duties, while simultaneously trying to avoid his embittered uncle and fight for the unpopular cause his father dedicated his life to, Nicholas is surprised by his mother’s humble request: a house party. Feeling obligated to fulfill this one simple desire, Nicholas agrees. But, as he stands face to face with the woman who swore to never speak to him again, he wonders if granting his mother’s request might have been one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

Staring at the man she snubbed two years ago over his lack of title, Miss Sybil Greenwald is dismayed to find he is the new Earl of Penbrose. Her embarrassment soon turns to anger. What would possess her father to insist she attend this house party after spending a year mourning her beloved mother? Even more, why had her mother insisted she needed to marry for a title in the first place? As her anger cools Sybil has a choice to make: let the past ruin her future, or grasp onto the second chance her heart has secretly been hoping for.

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Secrets to an Earl's Heart by Teah Kemp Weight

Title: Secrets of an Earl’s Heart

Author: Teah Kemp Weight

Genre: Historical Romance

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