Showcase Spotlight: Fortune Cats Intercession by Dave Hutchinson

Showcase Spotlight: Fortune Cats Intercession by Dave Hutchinson

Fortune Cats Intercession is a thriller and suspense book by Dave Hutchinson.


When a classified piece of alien technology lands in Se Ri’s possession, she finds her world turned upside down…

In 2004, 100 miles off the Pacific Coast, two US Navy Airmen spotted a strange oval object hovering and accelerating like nothing they had seen before. This unidentified flying object, recorded on infrared and thermal cameras, was later classified as the Tic Tac UFO and buried in secrecy by the Pentagon.

In the present, Se Ri Park, a former Ladies Professional Golf Association legend, has just returned from Canada after an explosive encounter with those who threatened to kill off her family. Hoping to seek some calm in her life, she decides to take the route of philanthropy. Yet, as fate would have it, things were not going to be in her favor.

In a last-minute revelation, she receives an inheritance from her mentor, which also includes an alien craft technology that resembles a breath mint: the Tic Tac UFO. And this puts her into the international limelight, with the USA, Canada, China, and North Korea all wanting a piece of this unique alien tech that now lies in Se Ri’s hands.

What follows is a tale of manipulation, geopolitical tensions, and the adventures of an unlikely group – led by Se Ri – racing against time to stop international powers from escalating. This intense, sci-fi political thriller brings Se Ri face-to-face with unexpected and unprecedented twists.

High on the heels of Walking the Dog, this fourth entry in Se Ri Park’s adventures will put international as well as personal relations to the test.

Can Se Ri use the Tic Tac craft to leverage what she wants? Will she uncover the political machinations behind it? Or will this piece of alien technology prove to be her undoing?

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Fortune Cats Intercession by Dave Hutchinson

Title: Fortune Cats Intercession

Author: Dave Hutchinson

Genre: Korean Thriller and Suspense

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