Showcase Spotlight: The Holloway Hoax by Marnie Vinge

Showcase Spotlight: The Holloway Hoax by Marnie Vinge

The Holloway Hoax is paranormal romance book by Marnie Vinge. It’s the second book in the Blair Graves series.


Something is out there

Blair Graves thought she’d had her work cut out for her when the fixer-upper she purchased turned out to be haunted, but now, with the haunting resolved, the paranormal fun in her life is just beginning.

When Blair joins YouTuber Cash Kelly for an out-of-town adventure, she’s counting on a fun weekend in a quaint town. Sure, there’s a Bigfoot festival going on, but how much trouble could that cause? And besides, it’s all just make-believe.

But trouble has been brewing in Hobby Hollow, Oklahoma. High school teacher Michael Berkley has gone missing and the infamous hoaxer Harrison Holloway claims Bigfoot is the culprit.

Holloway made waves years ago when Blair’s famed radio host father, Graham Graves, exposed him as a fraud. Intent on getting back into the good graces of the community, Holloway claims he has real evidence this time.

As Blair reckons with the legacy of her father and her growing feelings for Cash, she experiences the Bigfoot phenomenon first-hand and finds herself at the heart of what might be a very real crime.

Can Blair and Cash figure out what happened to Berkley before Holloway throws everyone off the trail for good?

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The Holloway Hoax by Marnie Vinge

Title: The Holloway Hoax

Author: Marnie Vinge

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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