Showcase Spotlight: Love In The Shadows by David-Matthew Barnes

Showcase Spotlight: Love In The Shadows by David-Matthew Barnes

Love In The Shadows is a gay romantic suspense/thriller book by David-Matthew Barnes.


New Edition! Quintin Pearson, an American living in London, has spent the last two years working as a magazine staff writer and nursing a broken heart. Craving a change in his quiet life, Quintin accepts an invitation to an exclusive party hosted by Regina Bremington, the U.S. ambassador’s glamorous wife. At the party, terror takes over when the electricity suddenly goes out and the ambassador is assassinated. In the safety of a dark bedroom, Quintin meets a mysterious stranger named Luca, an Italian spy. Even though the two men can’t see each other, a spark is ignited that soon becomes a mutual lust. Within days, Luca arranges for them to meet again at a remote seaside town in Belgium. There, Luca confesses his true identity and convinces Quintin they must team up to bring the ambassador’s killer to justice. This novel was previously published under the pen name Dylan Madrid.

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Love In The Shadows by David-Matthew Barnes

Title: Love In The Shadows

Author: David-Matthew Barnes

Genre: LGBTQ+ Fiction

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