Showcase Spotlight: All For Love by CM Neff

Showcase Spotlight: All For Love by CM Neff

All For Love is a historical romance book by CM Neff.


Three years ago, Ross and Abigail entered marital bliss and while the couple is happy, they are not content. They’ve been denied the only other thing they want — a family.

When they finally think they have good news, a tragic event rips it away, destroying the sacred bond they once shared and everything in its wake.

With their marriage in a precarious balance and the tenants in unrest, the couple must find their way back to each other to not only save themselves, but also the tenants of Chandler Estates — their family.

What and how it happens unfolds in… All For Love

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All For Love by CM Neff

Title: All For Love

Author: CM Neff

Genre: Historical Romance

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