Showcase Spotlight: Any Fair Interference by Nan Harrison

Showcase Spotlight: Any Fair Interference by Nan Harrison

Any Fair Interference is a Pride and Prejudice variation novel by Nan Harrison. Published by Quills & Quartos. Available in ebook, paperback, and audiobook.


To be a fool is one thing, to be a fool for love is something else altogether.

SHORTLY AFTER THE PRECIPITOUS DEPARTURE of Mr Bingley and his party from Netherfield Park, disaster strikes Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s family. Not only is Mr Bennet ill, Longbourn and indeed all of Meryton is struggling through one of England’s worst winters. Elizabeth draws on every strength to care for her family, but faces the alarming prospect of losing both her father and her home. Her lonely struggles lead her to revise her opinion of a certain gentleman, and she finds unexpected solace in dreams of Mr. Darcy.

FITZWILLIAM DARCY BELIEVES HE CAN ESCAPE his attraction to Elizabeth by leaving Netherfield. He soon finds himself snowbound at Pemberley, where forced isolation compels him to contemplate his duty, and contrast it with dreams of his heart’s desire. No matter how he considers it, though, he feels he cannot have Elizabeth, the one he truly loves.

FORTUNATELY DARCY’S FRIENDS and his family–Georgiana, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and the Hursts–feel far differently than he, and soon even the most unlikely allies have come together to help him see that happiness is the highest consideration of all. But will he and Elizabeth find the courage to follow their hearts before it is too late?

ANY FAIR INTERFERENCE is a Pride and Prejudice variation.

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Any Fair Interference by Nan Harrison

Title: Any Fair Interference

Author: Nan Harrison

Publisher: Quills & Quartos

Genre: Regency Historical Romance, Pride and Prejudice variation

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