Showcase Spotlight: The Gift Exchange by Elle Sparrow

Showcase Spotlight: The Gift Exchange by Elle Sparrow

The Gift Exchange is a contemporary holiday romance book by Elle Sparrow.


A worldwide pandemic hit the Big Apple and shook the city to its core, forcing millions into isolation. For Willa Coleson, this was a marginal change of lifestyle. Her life is not one that is normally described as exciting, even on the best of days. Thanks to a little help from a meddlesome and overly dramatic mother, she finds herself entered into a local holiday gift exchange.

However, Willa realizes–too late–that she has made quite a mistake. The confirmation email for her entry into the gift exchange is signed “Painfully Yours.” Unable to back out, she embarks on a new adventure into a world she has only read about.

Rhett Rossi should have been living the dream life. He has made a name for himself in graphic design, but the substantial paycheck came at the cost of the art he loves most. So, to regain some much-needed control, he joins his local community’s gift exchange event.

What he was not expecting was to be matched with a girl who knew nothing about his particular community–one where control is valued second only to the gift of submission. As they exchange not only gifts, but correspondence, Rhett must choose between educating the fledgling Willa, or letting her fade back into a vanilla lifestyle.

Will the twelfth gift be the end of their adventure, or just the beginning?

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The Gift Exchange by Elle Sparrow

Title: The Gift Exchange

Author: Elle Sparrow

Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance

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