Showcase Spotlight: Beautiful Fool by Cecily Wolfe

Showcase Spotlight: Beautiful Fool by Cecily Wolfe

Beautiful Fool is a women’s fiction novel by Cecily Wolfe. It’s a contemporary retelling of The Great Gatsby with a hint of The Picture of Dorian Gray


Fiercely independent Jordan Baker won’t live by any man’s terms, but her troubled friendship with spoiled Daisy, cemented by a destructive adolescent promise, may be a greater threat to her own privileged life than any romantic intimacy.

In this contemporary retelling of The Great Gatsby with a hint of The Picture of Dorian Gray, a rich young woman haunted by insecurity and jealousy wrestles with the prospect of using a dark secret to destroy her best friend’s life.

Will her efforts to discredit the perfect girl backfire and ruin her own chance at love?

*previously published under the title Daisy: A Portrait

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Beautiful Fool by Cecily Wolfe

Title: Beautiful Fool

Author: Cecily Wolfe

Genre: Women’s Fiction

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