Showcase Spotlight: The Present Predicament by Brook Peterson

Showcase Spotlight: The Present Predicament by Brook Peterson

The Present Predicament is a holiday cozy mystery book by Brook Peterson.


Cat + Christmas Tree = The Present Predicament


It’s Christmastime and Jericho House’s halls are decked to such an extent it resembles a mansion in the North Pole, not the mountains of Nevada.  There’s only one problem, Elliot the tuxedo cat keeps climbing the behemoth Christmas tree in the parlour and breaking priceless, antique ornaments.
When Grandma Lily and Chloe decide the solution is to divert him with lots of presents around the tree, it sets off a domino effect of predicaments, culminating in the complete loss of Grandma’s Christmas spirit.

Will Chloe be able to revive Grandma’s holiday cheer despite being somewhat of a Grinch herself? And what about handsome Police Chief Garner?  Will he come to Chloe’s aid?

Join Chloe, Grandma Lily, their furry friends, and the rest of the Jericho Falls cast for a small-town Christmas caper.

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The Present Predicament by Brook Peterson

Title: The Present Predicament

Author: Brook Peterson

Genre: Holiday Cozy Mystery

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