Showcase Spotlight: God In Chicago by Deji Komolafe

Showcase Spotlight: God In Chicago by Deji Komolafe

God In Chicago is a non-fiction spiritual book by Deji Komolafe.


Those who are fated will always find each other.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. After a decade away, I recently had the opportunity to return home, to the city of my birth and the place where the foundation of my faith was formed. I have been through a lot since I lived in Chicago. The city has been through a lot since I left. I never left my faith, but I see it differently now. The communities of faith across this city’s neighborhoods never left, but I look at them differently now. Many of the cornerstones of my life were molded in faith communities: Longtime friendships, important mentors, inspirations for my career, training as my first employer, training for my understanding of race and class in this city. Having moved in and around communities of faith for over three decades, I am neither objective in my observations nor oblivious in my opinions about them. This book was written both to challenge the misperceptions about these spaces and to celebrate the humanity of the people who gather in them. Join me as I consider questions of life, spirituality, and beliefs about God during my year-long journey visiting 35 faith communities in Chicago.

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God In Chicago by Deji Komolafe

Title: God In Chicago

Author: Deji Komolafe

Genre: Christian, Spiritual, Non-fiction

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