Showcase Spotlight: The Dom’s Rules by Harper West

Showcase Spotlight: The Dom’s Rules by Harper West

The Dom’s Rules is a dark contemporary BDSM romance novel by Harper West. It’s the first book in the Pleasure Wars series.


I’ll admit it.Things have gotten easier with Killian’s help (aka his money); but figuring out how to keep my own life, while being his fake wife and dealing with his twisted desires, is still a struggle.

Women constantly throw themselves at him, only further inflating his massive ego.

But I’m not one of those women—and I refuse to become one.

Sure, he’s the most attractive man I’ve ever seen. And yes, he can he make me practically cum with just his words. But I won’t be led by my physical desires.

I’m better than that.

When a young ingenue in the fetish world wants Killian to mentor her in the ways of being a submissive, I have no choice but to agree.

After all, the only reason I would say no, is if I was jealous.

But that’s impossible, because how can you be jealous for someone you don’t have feelings for? And I don’t have feelings for him . . . I swear.

But as each day passes, the lines between us are starting to blur.

And I’m afraid I may be the only one who isn’t seeing clearly . . .

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The Dom's Rules by Harper West

Title: The Dom’s Rules

Author: Harper West

Genre: BDSM Romance, Erotic Romance

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