Showcase Spotlight: The Dom’s Forever by Harper West

Showcase Spotlight: The Dom’s Forever by Harper West

The Dom’s Forever is a dark contemporary BDSM romance novel by Harper West. It’s the third book in the Pleasure Wars series.


Less than six months.

That’s all that stands between me—and freedom.

I thought the longer things went on, the easier they’d get. But nothing is ever easy when it comes to Killian Abernathy.
They say the line between love and hate is paper thin . . . and I think I finally understand that sentiment. Because I don’t hate Killian. I hate what he brings out of me. The dark, dirty side of myself that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the world.

And it scares me.

He scares me.

Because the truth is so much harder to admit than the lies I’ve been holding onto.

And the truth is, maybe, instead of the Dom’s For-now, I wanted to be the Dom’s Forever.

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The Dom's Forever by Harper West

Title: The Dom’s Forever

Author: Harper West

Genre: BDSM Romance, Erotic Romance

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