Showcase Spotlight: Handbook of the Korean Language by Bruce A. McDonough

Showcase Spotlight: Handbook of the Korean Language by Bruce A. McDonough

Handbook of the Korean Language is a language book by Bruce A. McDonough.


The Handbook of the Korean Language, in just a few short pages, provides a complete, concise introduction and overview of the language, its grammar, and its structure in a very user-friendly form. There is no other resource like it.

It also clearly and logically describes the contemporary and useful grammar points you will need to know, all in a well-organized handbook format. Rounding out the book are plenty of details and examples, and much more, further aiding your learning journey.

Using conversational, engaging, clear, and insightful native English, Mr. McDonough describes Korean accurately and completely. Learners at any stage will find it accessible and useful — a trusty guide to consult again and again.

The high-level overview provides a clear and logical framework so you can understand things as you progress. The nearly countless details allow for drilling down whenever you need to.

In addition to being a self-contained educational resource, the Handbook would nicely complement classroom study as well as the various textbooks on the market. Lastly, this might be a useful tool for Korean natives studying English.

Other features of the Handbook:

+ over 50 convenient tables and lists of essential language data
+ glossary defining used grammar terms in simple language
+ vigilant exclusion of rarely used and archaic material haunting many books
+ notes about frequency and general usefulness of various grammar points
+ appendices detailing: Hangul and pronunciation (incl. sound change rules), irregular verbs, both number systems (incl. counter and time/date usage), etc.
+ many example sentences
+ an index
+ recommended book list
+ much more…

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Handbook of the Korean Language by Bruce A. McDonough

Title: Handbook of the Korean Language

Author: Bruce A. McDonough

Genre: Korean Language

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