Showcase Spotlight: The Good Husband by Smokey Moment

Showcase Spotlight: The Good Husband by Smokey Moment

The Good Husband is an urban romance novel by Smokey Moment.


One woman! Three lives! Farah’s life is complicated.

Her saving grace is her husband Lorenz! A loving man! Her rock!

His unyielding love will sustain her. Move her. Carry her! If only she could remember him!

Farah lives what she believes is a normal life. Until one day she wakes in the arms of a stranger. Confused and terrified, she flees his home, uncertain of how she got there. Soon, she begins to experience similar situations and her life becomes out of control. But there’s a light of hope in a man she believes is her close and dear friend. A man who is much more than a friend. He is her husband. And he is fighting for her. If she could only remember him!

Farah’s life becomes complicated times ten! She only trusts one man. Lorenz! And he fights to keep her safe, as he tries to discover a way to stay in her life without revealing who he is. A revelation that could drive her away. He tries to do it subtly. One false move could cause her to panic and push her into the arms of another stranger!

He can’t tell her who he is. That he is her husband. Because she will flee! She always does!

And just as things calm, a family member surfaces out of nowhere, and makes himself a constant fixture in her life. He keeps his motives for coming back into her life a secret! And he has secrets! Many deep dark secrets that hold the key to what ails Farah.

Will she remember? Will her husband help her find the truth!

Read along in this intense, jaw-dropping, page-turning, romance with a twist!

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The Good Husband by Smokey Moment

Title: The Good Husband

Author: Smokey Moment

Genre: Urban Romance

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