Showcase Spotlight: Return to Etlantium by Thea Atkinson

Showcase Spotlight: Return to Etlantium by Thea Atkinson

Return to Etlantium is a fantasy book by Thea Atkinson. It’s the sixth book in the Witches of Etlantium series.


She gave her power to a dead god. Now, she must reclaim it before he destroys the world.

Somewhere a vengeful god sleeps, bound by ancient magic to prevent him from wreaking havoc. Alaysha is the witch ordered to watch for the moment he wakes. She hopes he’ll rouse peaceful so she can usher him quietly to his realm and finish her sacred duty.

But Alaysha has lived centuries already. The never-ending wait has atrophied her powers and wearied her soul.

Then news of a dormant volcano’s eruption rocks the world. As the fire spreads and the death toll rises, Alaysha begins to suspect what the rest of the world can’t possibly know.

The god has finally roused…

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Return to Etlantium by Thea Atkinson

Title: Return to Etlantium

Author: Thea Atkinson

Genre: Fantasy

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