Showcase Spotlight: Finesse by Vera Roberts

Showcase Spotlight: Finesse by Vera Roberts

Finesse is a new adult romance book by Vera Roberts.


Caught between choosing me and running his empire, I knew which way he would lean. He was the most powerful man in East Atlanta and I was his. He laced me up with the finest and I never had to ask for anything; it was just given to me.

With every corner on lock, my mind couldn’t ignore the destruction and devastation he’d caused even in his own family. My body yearned to have him and every lonely night was a reminder of what was.

He promised he would take care of me forever as long as I looked the other way. The other way, however, is harder to look at if blood splatters your feet.

I knew him as Cameron but the world knew him as Finesse.

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Finesse by Vera Roberts

Title: Finesse

Author: Vera Roberts

Genre: New Adult Romance

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