Showcase Spotlight: Wreckless by Smokey Moment

Showcase Spotlight: Wreckless by Smokey Moment

Wreckless is a urban romance novel by Smokey Moment.


A bored housewife…

A torrid affair….

A lover that won’t take no…

Not after the pillow talk and intense sex between them. And not after she reveals her deepest secret of all. Something that pushes everyone to the brink…

And an end result she never saw coming!

Bianca grew up in a challenging household. A mother who turned an eye to her flirtatious lovers, all while blaming her daughter when those men crossed the line, was the start to Bianca’s inability to love a man the right way. But she gets lucky anyway…

She marries a man totally committed. A rough neck, eye candy of a man, who could have married any woman he wanted. But Bryce loves Bianca. He trusts her. He allowed for a certain amount of freedom when they were down on their luck. Bianca danced topless in their early years. Something that would have made any man jealous. But life got better. Bryce has a good job. Bianca is expected to do right. Live right. But can she when she have lived with the spoils of life.

It’s a life anyone would have traded for. But not Bianca. She is a woman who takes everything for granted. And when she becomes entangled for all the wrong reasons, she tries to undo the damage. Her new lover wants something. And he is willing to risk it all to have her. Even his wife!

But his wife is two steps ahead of him. And when she knocks on Bianca’s door, all hell breaks loose. Bianca life turns upside down. And Bryce will make a shocking move that threatens everything! Will Bianca survive a scorned husband? Will her lover pay the price? What a tangled web she has weaved!

Read along in this intense and well written novel with full character development that pulls you in to each characters lives! And watch as one woman’s life comes full circle behind the decisions she made and the life she took for granted. Karma comes calling and Bianca must scramble to get her life back! This is a story of lust, sex, lies, affairs, disloyalty and the ultimate betrayal that can happen between a man and a woman!

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Wreckless by Smokey Moment

Title: Wreckless

Author: Smokey Moment

Genre: Urban Romance

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