Showcase Spotlight: It Started With A Joke by Jillian Adams

Showcase Spotlight: It Started With A Joke by Jillian Adams

It Started With A Joke is a young adult sweet romance book by Jillian Adams. It’s the second book in the Nanny Tales: The Hamptons series.


A recent high school graduate with dreams of nothing but the beach, parties and cute boys on her mind. A cute lifeguard who is known for being the life of the party and all around funny guy at the beach. It seems like a match made in heaven, but is it really what she wants?

Kelsie Moore doesn’t have much to complain about these days. She is loving life working as a nanny in the Hamptons alongside her best friend for the summer. She’s had lots of sun and beach time. She’s also had lots of dates which would typically make her very happy.

But ever since her best friend coupled up with a boy from the beach, for the first time, Kelsie finds herself wanting more than just a fun night out with a boy. Maybe she’s actually ready for a real romance.

Frankie Davis loves to make people laugh and have a good time. His summer job as a lifeguard typically checks all the boxes for him of what a perfect summer should look like. But his friends don’t know everything about him. His life hasn’t been as easy as that of his friends and he goes out of his way, to remember exactly where he comes from.

When Kelsie and Frankie share a fun moment together at the beach, she temporarily loses her mind and asks him to show her around the city. Sure, he can make her laugh and she does genuinely have fun with him, but can someone so goofy really be the answer to her newfound quest for love?

She doubts it, but yet, the thought of spending an entire day alone with him causes her heart to flutter in a way that she’s never felt before.

It Started With A Joke is the second standalone book in the Nanny Tales: The Hamptons teen sweet romance series. If you like beach romances and flirtatious twists of fate, then you’ll love Jillian Adams’ idyllic tale of love and romance for young adults.

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It Started With A Joke by Jillian Adams
It Started With A Rescue by Jillian Adams

Title: It Started With A Joke

Author: Jillian Adams

Genre: Young Adult Sweet Romance

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