Showcase Spotlight: It Happened One Christmas by S.B. Roth

Showcase Spotlight: It Happened One Christmas by S.B. Roth

It Happened One Christmas is a sweet Christmas romance book by S.B. Roth.


Liz Buckley couldn’t wait to get out of the city and go spend the holidays in the mountain town where she grew up with her beloved Aunt Mabel. Their time gets cut short with Aunt Mabel’s sudden death, and although gone, Liz’s aunt still has a few tricks up her sleeve. Leaving Liz an opportunity to start her life over, Mabel wills her home to Liz, with a catch! She also leaves it to her handsome, young neighbor Chase Clarke, who drives Liz up the wall.

Chase Clarke has had a lonely and hard life, growing up an orphan and trying to find his path. He moves to River Valley to work at the local ski resort, and befriends his neighbor Mabel, finally finding some semblance of family. He has a plan in the works to start his own business when Mabel’s will throws everything for a loop.

Constantly at odds through renovations and miscommunications, Liz and Chase must spend a year learning to get along and decide what they ultimately want out of life — which may be the one thing neither of them ever saw coming. Leave it to a winter snowstorm to help them get there!

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It Happened One Christmas by S.B. Roth

Title: It Happened One Christmas

Author: S.B. Roth

Genre: Sweet Christmas Romance

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