Showcase Spotlight: Stuffers by Ian Snow

Showcase Spotlight: Stuffers by Ian Snow

Stuffers is a steamy holiday collection by Ian Snow.


For the Stuffers, giving gifts is as pleasurable as receiving them.

Once a year, the women of the charitable Stuffers each give a truly worthy beneficiary the gift of their bodies. The recipients come from all kinds of backgrounds, but one thing is common among them. They make the world a better place, and these women set out to make sure they’re recognized with joyous enthusiasm for their efforts.

At the most debaucherous Christmas party in the city, the Stuffers gather to tell these stories and share in the passion and love of their fellow givers. Some of the stories are spicy, others sweet like a candy cane. But all of them are sure to warm you this holiday season.

This collection features five lengthy, red-hot Stuffer tales featuring romance and group play, perfect for a read under the covers on a cold wintery night.

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Stuffers by Ian Snow

Title: Stuffers

Author: Ian Snow

Genre: Christmas, Romance, Erotic Romance

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