Showcase Spotlight: A Very COVID Christmas by Maggie Aldrich

Showcase Spotlight: A Very COVID Christmas by Maggie Aldrich

A Very COVID Christmas is a Christmas romance novella by Maggie Aldrich.


“Dating while social distancing – a LOL read!”

“If you like Sophie Kinsella, you’ll love award-winning author Maggie Aldrich.”

Mask-wearing, social distancing Kinsey Mullrooney would rather not bring a date to the annual work holiday party. How will she keep six feet of distance? Besides, skipping it altogether to watch British telly is much more her style.

But when attendance “plus one” becomes mandatory, she’s forced to scour singles sites for a suitable date. Blimey! She’s got just two weeks!

Bypassing Ted the Serial Killer, she finds a fetching match in the Daniel Craig look-alike, Wyatt. The adorable couple sets off to the party in matching facemasks, chemistry evident between them.

Wyatt is everything she’s hoped for! Fun, friendly, and gorgeous! But when his mood shifts as they depart the festivities, Kinsey realizes she’s committed an uproarious gaffe.

She’s left the party on the arm of the wrong masked man.

“Maggie Aldrich brings to life all the things we love to hate about the coronavirus pandemic in this hilarious and quick read!”

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A Very COVID Christmas by Maggie Aldrich

Title: A Very COVID Christmas

Author: Maggie Aldrich

Genre: Christmas Romance

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