Premade Makeover

Premade Makeover

I first started creating premade book covers in 2013. Many of them have sold, but there are some designs that are 7 years old that are still up for sale.

I decided to revisit these designs and give them a fresh look. For the past few days I’ve been making over some of my old designs. In the 7 years I’ve been making book covers, I’ve learned a lot more Photoshop tricks and techniques and my designs have definitely gotten better. I look at some of my old designs and think to myself “I can’t believe I created this” and can see why it hasn’t sold. My early premades also don’t have paperback designs so I’m adding those as well.

Here are the designs I’ve made over so far. Some of them have changed drastically and some have minor changes. A lot more makeovers still to come.

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