Showcase Spotlight: Sweet Potato Jones by Jen Lowry

Showcase Spotlight: Sweet Potato Jones by Jen Lowry

Sweet Potato Jones is an young adult romance book by Jen Lowry. Published by Swoon Romance.


Dreams are a luxury and love an indulgence for a seventeen-year-old girl forced to care for her three siblings.

Kids daydream about things they don’t have and places they’ve never been. But seventeen-year-old Sweet Potato Jones doesn’t have the luxury of such indulgences. For the past ten years, she’s been focused on raising her three younger siblings. Sweet Potato never wanted anything for herself. Just a roof over their heads, someplace safe to live, food, and clothing. She never dared dream of anything more.

The family finally catches a break when they meet Mrs. Sunshine Patterson, the Bible-quoting, gospel-singing owner of the Soul Food Restaurant. But Sweet Potato has never accepted charity from anyone, and she isn’t about to start now. And that sweet, Southern boy making eyes at her? He can keep that, even if he is Mrs. Sunshine’s son.

Family, faith, and loyalty will be tested in this spirited contemporary Young Adult fiction title from Dr. Jen Lowry.

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Sweet Potato Jones by Jen Lowry

Title: Sweet Potato Jones

Author: Jen Lowry

Publisher: Month9Books

Genre: Young Adult Romance

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