Showcase Spotlight: Dark Mercy by Fergal F. Nally

Showcase Spotlight: Dark Mercy by Fergal F. Nally

Dark Mercy is a sci-fi / fantasy book by Fergal F. Nally. It’s the sixth book in the Survival Chronicles series.


“It seems to me that, where the human race is concerned, the ultimate form of communication is war—” Mercy Dawes.

It’s been a long road: New York City, Long Island, Montauk, Portland, Halifax, Colorado Springs, Fort Worth, Galveston, Grand Cayman, Cuba, The Outer Banks, Norfolk, Hampton and Annapolis. Mercy Dawes’s epic quest for survival is near an end. Or is it? Washington DC, the belly of the beast, is in her sights. It’s so close she can taste it. The capital’s lights are on. The New American Dominion has power and she’s on their soil, fighting in their heartland. Mercy has to survive in the shadows, under the radar, encountering death and horror along the way. Every day that she survives pushes her closer to the edge. Can she go the distance? Can she dodge the feral alpha queen and her pack long enough? Can she keep one step ahead of the NSA with their watchers, drones and weaponized alphas? Can she survive the horror that is The Kindred? She feels dead inside and lost… maybe there’s not much difference between her and the undead tide that infects the land and her soul. Sometimes the questions outnumber the answers. Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find the death you’re searching for. Mercy has to run a gauntlet of enemies and survive at any cost. The nightmare will only end if she can find and kill New America’s supreme leader, the man responsible for The Fall: President Mitchell, Commander-in-Chief of the New State Army. Everything is expendable… except the mission. Mors vincit omnia—

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Dark Mercy by Fergal F. Nally

Title: Dark Mercy

Author: Fergal F. Nally

Genre: Science-Fiction, Thriller

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