Showcase Spotlight: Burnt Sienna by Michael Avena

Showcase Spotlight: Burnt Sienna by Michael Avena

Burnt Sienna is a clean and wholesome island romance book by Michael Avena.


Sienna can’t stay, Estéban won’t leave. Can love come at the wrong time?

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. Sienna is an American drop-in barely scraping by on a Caribbean island everyone else calls paradise. But then, she gets a chance to escape. Will she seize this opportunity to get her life and career back on track? Or will a meeting with a handsome stranger turn into yet another detour?

When Estéban he returns to his native island, he is intent on forgetting recent betrayal and building his kayak business. Nothing will get in his way. Until he meets Sienna. As he opens her eyes to the natural beauty that has been all around her this entire time, they fall hard for each other.

Now with a billionaire developer offering Sienna a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will destroy what Estéban came back to protect, will their separate destinies tear them apart? Or will they find a love that can save what matters most to them both?

If you like clean and wholesome romance, flawed heroes, and strong women who pursue their dreams, you’ll love this first installment in the Michael Avena Second Chance Romance Series. Buy your copy and experience this new series.

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Burnt Sienna by Michael Avena

Title: Burnt Sienna

Author: Michael Avena

Genre: Clean Romance

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