Showcase Spotlight: Clever Cargo by Beva John

Showcase Spotlight: Clever Cargo by Beva John

Clever Cargo is a science fiction romance book by Beva John. It’s the second book in the Forgotten Cargo series.


I was abducted from Earth in 1872. My alien purchaser wants me to be a surrogate – carrying the child of Crown Prince Magnar. Living in a palace with hot running water and steady meals is an improvement to the life I lived before, so I have few complaints – except for the incredibly handsome and equally arrogant Crown Prince. There is something about this blue skinned, pointy eared alien that makes me want to be rebellious.

I know what is expected of a traveler in my position – what I owe to my name and my species. I will marry a Brune female of impeccable breeding and together we will raise the next royal generation. But there is something about the human female Lottie that intrigues me and distracts me. She is intelligent and she has hidden talents. I shall have to guard my heart against her.

Clever Cargo is a steamy sci-fi alien abduction romance with heart.

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Clever Cargo by Beva John

Title: Clever Cargo

Author: Beva John

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

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