Showcase Spotlight: Complicit by Sienna Mynx

Showcase Spotlight: Complicit by Sienna Mynx

Complicit is a Russian mafia suspense book by Sienna Mynx.


Two men are dead. The police, federal agents, and Russian Mafia all want to know why. The more they question the surviving witness the more she lies. Or does she? One woman’s crusade for justice turns her into an accomplice and forces her to deal with the dark desires of a criminal mastermind. Complicit is a story of twisted love born out of the most unspeakable of crimes. An addictive romantic thriller that will push you to the dangerous side of obsessive love for a corruptive sensational ride.

Authors NoteComplicit is the previously published book Boss. The cover and title has been updated but the story remains the same!

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Complicit by Sienna Mynx

Title: Complicit

Author: Sienna Mynx

Genre: Russian Mafia Suspense

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