Showcase Spotlight: Precious Cargo by Beva John

Showcase Spotlight: Precious Cargo by Beva John

Precious Cargo is a science fiction romance book by Beva John. It’s the first book in the Forgotten Cargo series.


Sylvia is meant for the market, but Raan wants her for himself…


The last time I closed my eyes it was 1969. Neil Armstrong had just landed on the moon. Now I’m surrounded by aliens and there is no going home.

I know I shouldn’t fall for my yellow lizard-like captor, but his touch makes me burn and the only place I feel safe is in his arms.


Human females are hot property in the Intergalactic Cooperative, and it’s my job to find the highest bidders.
Although the task is distasteful, I must do my duty. But there is one fascinating female I refuse to sell – the one with long straight hair and green eyes who’s been in stasis for 600 years.

She is MINE.

And I will fight anyone who tries to take her from me.

Precious Cargo is a steamy alien abduction romance with a groovy heroine, an alpha hero, and a heartfelt love story.

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Precious Cargo by Beva John

Title: Precious Cargo

Author: Beva John

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

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