Showcase Spotlight: Christmas Promise by Kaylie Singleton

Showcase Spotlight: Christmas Promise by Kaylie Singleton

Christmas Promise is a Christmas romance book by Kaylie Singleton.


Three years in hiding. Two broken hearts. One Christmas to remember.

Another Christmas is approaching, and again this year Hazel is hiding from the holidays as a chalet girl at a ski resort. She used to love Christmas, but now the memories of that one Christmas Eve are too painful. It’s best if she forgets about Christmas and stays busy working instead. She thinks this year will be just like the others, that is until hot British guest James catches her eye. He is persistent and irresistible. Does he really think he can get her to fall in love with Christmas again?

Rich and handsome James can’t understand why Hazel could possibly hate Christmas. His family flies over from London every year to celebrate at a ski resort in the States. Upon arrival, he’s excited to see that Hazel is one of the chalet girls again this year. She’s beautiful and mysterious. James wants desperately to make her smile and to help her fall in love with Christmas – and maybe him too. Will he be able to discover her secret without sharing his?

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Christmas Promise by Kaylie Singleton

Title: Christmas Promise

Author: Kaylie Singleton

Genre: Christmas Romance

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