Showcase Spotlight: Risking It All by Jillian Adams

Showcase Spotlight: Risking It All by Jillian Adams

Risking It All is a young adult sweet romance book by Jillian Adams. It’s the seventh book in the Oak Brook Academy series.


A teen girl used to being a loner. A young boy who’d been her best friend since middle school.

Savannah Davis had never had an easy time when it came to making friends and being social. In fact, she’d been bullied and alone before she met best friend, Ethan. Since then, her life had changed and she’d realized a new level of confidence–at least in some situations.

Ethan Moore had been a bit of a loner himself but starting high school at Oak Brook Academy had changed all of that for him. Finally, he’d made friends with some of the popular kids in school. He just wished that his best friend would be more happy about it.

When Savannah accidentally falls in love with Ethan, she has no clue what to do–especially because her best friend already seems happy in love with anther girl who’s nothing like her.

Risking it All is the seventh standalone book in the Oak Brook Academy teen sweet romance series. If you like flirtatious mismatches, high school outsiders and stories about teenagers at boarding school, then you’ll love Jillian Adams’ clean story of love and romance for teens.

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Risking It All by Jillian Adams

Title: Risking It All

Author: Jillian Adams

Genre: Young Adult Sweet Romance

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